ISAW Media Project

With the launch of the Drink Well Do Good Tour we began the process of integrating media the outreach strategy for ISAW. In addition to the exhibitions and concerts, this campaign utilized media (both generated and earned) to raise awareness for ISAW. It was also the beginning of our partnership with, Clear Films.

Drink Well Do Good was followed up with a 2-month research and media exploratory in the Western Cape of South Africa. During this time, Clear Films generated one of the most comprehensive visual media collections of South Africa’s black-owned brands and transformative viticultural projects to date. The footage will be re-purposed in a variety of formats and outlets.

The vision for the ISAW Media Project is to use media that is blended with entertainment and education. This intersection of activism and entertainment creates opportunities for voiceless communities to share their stories, and for the viewers to take direct and meaningful action. Support the ISAW Media Project by sharing these videos, following us on Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook.

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