ISAW Advisory

Selena Cuffe: Selena is the co-founder & CEO of Heritage Link Brands. HLB is the preeminent importer of wines from the African Continent and Diaspora. In December 2007, a story in TIME magazine about Selena and her husband, (and CFO), Khary, inspired the formation of ISAW. As a Stanford Undergrad, Harvard MBA, Goldman Sachs and P&G Alum, Selena has now dedicated her life to advance the interests of blacks in South Africa. ISAW has been blessed to have Selena as our chief ally and mentor.

Peter Roberts: Peter Roberts is a wine economist and Director of Social Enterprise at Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business. He has been an integral part of our framework as his background is a unique fit for the ISAW social entrepreneurship/wine platform. He is currently leading the ISAW Ethiopia project.

Dave Jefferson: Dave Jefferson is a 25-year veteran of the wine industry. He is presently the owner of  two vineyards, one in Sonoma County  and the other in the Western Cape (Worster), South Africa. Stephen Satterfield will represent his South African label, Silkbush, in Georgia.

King & Spalding: One of the leading global legal firms, King & Spalding (find copy from K&S site). The Atlanta Chapter, lead by Partner Mike Egan, were essential in developing our business structure and incorporation. We are honored and privileged to have the in-kind support of one of the worlds elite legal firms.

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