Seven Sisters

The story of the Seven Sisters reads like a script for a Disney Feature Film. I share it at each opportunity. The Brutus sisters (and youngest and sole brother, John) were raised in Paternoster, a small fishing village on the western coast of South Africa. In 1983, their father lost his job as a fisherman after 20 years. The sisters were forced to leave the village, split among family members after their parents were no longer able to care for them.  Over twenty years later, the sisters, led by middle sister, Vivian, reunited to establish their own wine company. A thoughtful market strategy, the sisters selected a wine to match either of their respective styles and personalities.

The company has seen tremendous growth in the first 4 years. In 2009, they became the second black-owned family vineyard in South Africa. A year earlier they became the first wine-ever- from South Africa to be served in an international flight. We are encouraged by their opportunity, and proud of the role our Foundation has played in raising awareness on behalf of this family, and their incredible journey to groundbreaking entrepreneurism. My favorite way to toast the sisters is with Odelia’s rare and delicious bukketraube. A peach flavored honey-suckle delight that is suitable on its own in the summer and with a blue cheese in the winter.

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