Solms Delta

Professor Mark Solms is the smartest man I’ve ever met. Also one of the kindest. And also the world’s leading neuroscientist. So it came as a major surprise to his neighbors when Professor Solms decided to use the wine industry as an opportunity to redress the legacy of apartheid (hyperlink apartheid), and enslavement. Since partnering with friend and mogul/philanthropist, Richard Astor. Professor Solms managed to incorporate his extensive training and research in psychoanalysis to develop an innovative approach to worker empowerment. Archeologists were brought in to dig artifacts to create a timed account of the farms progression. The museum begins with a rock that is estimated to be 50,000 years old, and sequentially recounts the legacy of the indigenous people and land. This was after Professor Solms and Astor put up their neighboring farms as collateral against a farm for their workers. Workers were then given a third of the business. The land, the brand, restaurant and everything associated with the company that generates profits. Other social programs, like the incredible successful Cape Music Project are funded by the Win du Caab Trust.

Spending time on the Solms-Delta evokes a warmth and authenticity exuded in each interaction with anyone who works on or with the farm.  It is truly a collective enterprise, and the quality of people is rivaled only by the quality of their astonishing wines. Perhaps the best dry white wine in South Africa, Mark Solms, Amalie. And, the Cape Jazz Shiraz. You’ll never have more than drinking wine than you will with this bottle.

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